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Thread: help...!!!! STARSAT SR-X50cu-Usb

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    Exclamation help...!!!! STARSAT SR-X50cu-Usb

    01 05 2008
    Hi i want your help for my receiver.
    i want(software) to convert
    my receiver from STARSAT SR-X50cu-Usb
    to INTERSTAR and in INTERSTAR to STARSAT SR-X50cu-Usb. i wait for your help.. thank u

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    Re: help...!!!! STARSAT SR-X50cu-Usb


    thses are the known transformations

    8005S ---> X-50CU X-50CU ---> 8005S

    never heard about a transformation for 50CU USB ..sorry

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    Re: help...!!!! STARSAT SR-X50cu-Usb

    Hi M8
    Starsat models of SR-X50CU USB and SR-X30CU USB are exactly same as Golden Interstar GI-S770CR Xpeed from a point of view of their internal hardware (and all of them are manufactured by the same producer called Dizipia) , and you can transform Starsat to Golden Interstar (and vice versa) in order to use their relevant firmwares , and you can come back to your original condition without problem.
    As my internet does not have a good speed, I cannot upload the necessary softwares for this transformation here for you, but you can find them in this page if you can Deal with Persian (Farsi) language.
    Good Luck.

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