More on a la carte and SkyFILES:

It seems to me that the a la carte advocates are the only ones with enough time to take to make all the 1-800 calls to select the specific channels they want. Those of us with actual lives to live don't have the extra time to sit down either at the computer or get on the telephone to order each individual channel we would wish to have available.

Having worked in both cable and satellite businesses I know that bundling seems like an expensive proposition but in reality the cost per channel is quite low for the provider. The packages I can pick from may have some services I don't care for, but there are occasionally some things that I might find interesting. And it saves me some money but more importantly it saves me time to choose a package that is already put together and for the most part has what I want with a few extras I may find not to my liking.

A la carte is just a way for the few who have too much time on their hands to force the rest of us who are active people to acquiesce to their loud but minority demands. It is a proposal that is better left alone so the FCC and it's confused leader and others to spend their time in a more useful manner.