French network TV still losing viewers

France’s network TV channels are still suffering vanishing viewers, with DTT and multichannel TV winning the ratings battle.
For the month of April, French TV ratings on thematic and digital channel rose again. French ratings agency Mediamétrie, in its latest monthly data, has for the first time integrated the audience shares of free-to-air DTT channels.

Still leading with 27.2 % audience share, TF1 slipped back 0.8 points in the single month but a worrying 3.1 points over the past year.

The major broadcast networks globally reached 76.9% audience share in April, down 1.2 points during the month but an alarming 6.6 points over the year, with the exception of M6 and Canal+. M6, which appeals to a younger demographic, saw its audience share reach 11% audience in April, up a modest 0.1% but still a gain when measured against its more established rivals. Canal+ moved ahead 0.2% in April, at a 3.6% audience share overall for the month.

Amongst the new DTT channels, where there’s been a doubling of audience share over the past year, reaching 10.4% now (and 5.2% in April 2007), TMC (2.0 % audience share), W9 (1.7 %) and Gulli (1.4 %) are the leading trio.

However, outside DTT, thematic channels were the overall winners where audience share expanded again over the last month winning one point at 12.7% overall share of the market.