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Thread: Want firmware for Kword DVBS 100

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    Want firmware for Kword DVBS 100

    I Want a firmware for my Kword DVBS 100, i can't find it

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    Re: Want firmware for Kword DVBS 100

    KWord DVB-S 100, then I suggest you use ProgDVB because it is possibly one of the only few applications that really work well with this card.You also must meet the minimum system requirements for this card. The KWorld DVB-S 100 does not have any onboard MPEG2 decoder and therefore does everything via software. Because of this, there is always quite a bit of strain on system resources when watching FTA on your computer.I have this card but I have not tried it in Windows because I can't afford to buy a second copy of XP. So I am using it in Linux (although I am still trying to get a lock on a sat, and therefore don't know how well DVB-S on this card works, Composite In and S-Video In work great). Although I haven't used the card in Windows, ProgDVB seems to be your best bet as the MyTheatre forums say that the newer versions of the MyTheatre application do not work with this card.

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