Dutch to test low-power DVB-T broadcasts

The Dutch frequency regulator Agentschap Telecom has given permission to start a pilot with a number of low-power DVB-T transmitters to test the feasibility of local digital broadcasting. On June 1, the local public broadcaster in the municipality of Stadskanaal will start the first test transmissions.

The introduction of DTT has been problematic for local broadcasters because of the technical features of the DVB-T standard. New technical developments, however, have made low power digital television a possibility. The Dutch regulator has given permission to the OLON, the association of Dutch local public broadcasters, to run a number of technical tests to trial the service in the real world.

In Holland, these local broadcasters also have problems gaining digital carriage on cable, as most of the large operators such as UPC and Zesko only have a limited number of headends. With dozens of these local TV station in the country, the cablers have so far been reluctant to give access to the network.