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Thread: Film Four & Film Four +1 06-05-08.

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    Smile Film Four & Film Four +1 06-05-08.

    Film Four & Film Four +1 06-05-08.

    Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6

    Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 APID2313 Eng

    Film Four +1 SID8330 VPID2332 APID2333 Eng


    (1951) Humphrey Bogart plays Harry Smith, a shady arms dealer in the French occupied Syria of 1925.'Beyond Casablanca!' screamed the tagline, but this thriller lacks the momentum that made that film such a classic. Here, Bogey is the Damascus gun-runner who finds himself at odds with a French colonel. He responds by becoming romantically involved with the latter's mistress, thus setting himself up for some real trouble. Given the talent involved, this is disappointing, with Bogart floating through some scenes.

    (1949) Oscar-nominated eco-friendly saga about the environmental conflict between oil and cattle barons in 1920s Oklahoma.A formidable performance from Susan Hayward elevates this eco-friendly saga about the environmental conflict between oil and cattle barons in 1920s Oklahoma
    Flame-haired Susan Hayward was the thinking man's Rita Hayworth. Born in the same year (1918), she didn't have quite the sex appeal of La Hayworth but was undoubtedly the better actress. Whereas Rita never came close to an Oscar, Hayward earned five nominations, eventually winning for her performance in Robert Wise's 1958 Death Row drama I Want To Live! That thespian talent shines forth in Tulsa (1949), director Stuart Heisler's blazing Technicolor soap opera set in the Oklahoma oil boom of the 1920s.

    Heaven Can Wait
    (1943) Ernst Lubitsch's comedy drama stars Don Ameche as Henry Van Cleve, a well-off 19th-century playboy who has just arrived in hell.A Lubitsch film in gorgeous colour is somehow surprising, because his light, often whimsical style seems of a bygone age. He was a gentle man, and in this story of a well-off philanderer, who feels sure that hell awaits him, his gentleness shines through. Henry Van Cleve (Ameche) gets to recount his misdemeanours, but he emerges as a kindly rogue, rather generous and guileless. Tierney, as his glamorous, put-upon wife, is captivating. Sadly, Lubitsch directed only one further (minor) work and died before completing Lady in Ermine - not long after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Oscar.

    Deep End of the Ocean
    (1999) A three-year-old boy is kidnapped and then returns home nine years later. A melodramatic tale of family tumult.A three-year-old boy is kidnapped and then returns home nine years later. A melodramatic tale of family tumult without the usual schmaltz
    The Deep End Of The Ocean Based on the book by Jacquelyn Mitchard, the film tells the story of a successful photographer, Beth Cappadora (Pfeiffer), who is travelling to a high school reunion in Chicago. She's accompanied by her three children - baby Kerry, three-year-old Ben and moody seven-year-old Vincent (Buck). At the hotel check-in she briefly leaves the boys alone but in the blink of an eye Ben vanishes.

    Days of Thunder
    (1990) Tom Cruise plays Cole Trickle, a young hot-shot stock car racer determined to make it as top gun, but can he make all the right moves?Tom Cruise reunites with Top Gun director Tony Scott and producers Simpson and Bruckheimer for this car-racing action movie that decidedly gets stuck in the pits
    Days Of Thunder If Top Gun proved that Tom Cruise and Tony Scott were indeed "up there with the best of the best," this ponderous motorsports retread established that they were just as capable of skidding off the track as well.

    To Die For
    (1994) Van Sant's edgily unpleasant tale about TV culture and the lure of fame.Nicole Kidman stars in Gus Van Sant's edgily unpleasant tale of a woman resorting to desperate lengths in her quest for TV stardom
    Nicole Kidman is superb as the woman who is so determined to make it big as the local telly weather girl (in spite of her obvious lack of talent) that she won't let anything stand in her way. That includes unfortunate husband Larry (Dillon), and she employs the services of a local, gullible teen (Phoenix) to sort him out.

    Love and Sex
    (2000) Spot-on romantic comedy starring Famke Janssen as a journalist threatened with the sack unless she mends her jaded, cynical ways.Spot-on romantic comedy starring Famke Janssen as a journalist reminiscing High Fidelity-style when threatened with the sack. With great chemistry, Swingers boy Jon Favreau plays the on/off love of her life
    Love & Sex This is how romantic comedy should be. The stars aren't distractingly massive, the script is sharp and savvy and it'll make you chuckle as you relate to the characters' predicaments, which are based in the accessibly everyday.

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    Re: Film Four & Film Four +1 06-05-08.

    where do i put the sid?
    i have a tm6900hd

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