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Thread: upgrade cam with pc

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    upgrade cam with pc

    Is it possible to upgrade a cam by puting it in the slot on a laptop. If so what software do you need as the laptop sees it but does not open anything

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    Re: upgrade cam with pc

    You can not program cam's using a laptop or a p/c
    You need a programmer CAS 3 PLUS is a good programmer you can program
    almost all known cams and cards, it can program the Dragon with out a loader card, Cas 2 plus also a good cam and cost less.

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    Re: upgrade cam with pc

    Thanks for that at least I will stop wasting my time. I have ordered a cas 2 so we will see what happens.
    Thanks again mate

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    Re: upgrade cam with pc

    Hello,don`t forget to inst. the last cas interface studio 8.4 onn your pc or laptop.Good look.

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