DISH/NDS Trial Jury Ready for Deliberations

Jury deliberations are set to begin next Tuesday in the high-profile federal trial involving DISH and NDS Group centering on claims that the News Corp. technology unit allegedly hacked the satellite TV company's conditional access technology.

As of press time, there was no new news on the trial, taking place in southern California. In closing arguments that wrapped up Wednesday, NDS attorneys alleged that EchoStar engaged in the same behavior that NDS is accused of participating in through its internal operations. According to press reports, DISH stuck to its story that NDS hired a well-known pirate to hack its security system and shared the knowledge with others, which led to a large number of pirated conditional access smart cards flooding the illegitimate market.

EchoStar and its conditional access provider NagraStar are seeking $1 billion in damages in the litigation, alleging that NDS compromised the conditional access technology utilized by the companies.

In their complaint, EchoStar and NagraStar allege NDS cracked their access card technology, and extracted proprietary codes from within the system. What's more, NDS personnel then designed and built a pirating device that was capable of reprogramming those access cards, stated the litigation. Those devices were then allegedly distributed to the pirating community, the lawsuit said.