Film Four & Film Four +1 09-05-08.

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The Bitter Tea Of General Yen
(1933) Frank Capra's film stars Barbara Stanwyck as Megan Davis, an American missionary who travels to Shanghai to marry a medical missionary.Deliciously romantic melodrama - and unknown Capra territory - which has the great (and underrated) Stanwyck as Megan Davis, an American missionary who comes to wartorn Shanghai in the 30s and is kidnapped by a Chinese warlord. Coming across as a kind of raw, emotional The King and I (but without the whistling of happy tunes, thankfully), the film's narrative dips in and out of Stanwyck's strange dreams, where she is both attracted and repelled by the sophisticated General (Asther). A heady and sensual cocktail of drama and emotion and, in pre-Hollywood morality code times, a goodly amount of sexual tension.

The Spanish Gardener
(1956) The story of a minor diplomat who becomes increasingly jealous of the relationship that develops between his son and his gardener.Adapted from AJ Cronin's novel, The Spanish Gardener is the story of a minor diplomat, played by Michael Hordern, who becomes increasingly jealous of the relationship that develops between his son (Jon Whiteley) and the Spanish gardener (Dirk Bogarde) hired for the estate. With acclaimed music from composer John Veale and fine supporting roles for Cyril Cusack and Maureen Swanson.

The Sons Of Katie Elder
(1965) A group of brothers return to their hometown for their mother's funeral and set about trying to reclaim the family ranch from a card shark.John Wayne and Dean Martin star in this western about brothers investigating the death of their father and the virtual eviction of their recently deceased mother
The Sons Of Katie Elder The slightly strange pairing of 'Duke' Wayne and lounge lizard Dean Martin that marked Howard Hawks' 1959 classic Rio Bravo was reprised in this western directed by veteran Henry Hathaway. Hathaway was an old hand at such things, having started his career in the 1930s directing westerns, before going on to make such hits as Rawhide (1951). A few years after The Sons Of Katie Elder he directed Wayne in his first and only Oscar-winning role in True Grit (1965).

The Vikings
(1958) Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis star as two Viking half brothers fighting for the right to rule Northumbria and for the hand of its beautiful Queen.Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh star in an epic tale of rivalry set in Viking-era Britain. Massive in scale, scope and ambition, it's a triumphant blend of fighting, drinking and good old-fashioned manly action
The Vikings A massive box-office hit on its release in 1958, The Vikings blazed a trail for the grand, historical epic. Even now, decades later, it's a remarkably impressive spectacle built around some vast action sequences and equally large performances by a couple of old Hollywood titans.

Kingdom Of Heaven
(2005) Ridley Scott's epic historical drama is set in the 12th century at the Crusader defence of Jerusalem.A blacksmith becomes a knight and defender of Jerusalem against war-mongering Crusaders and the Muslim armies of Saladin. Historical epic starring Orlando Bloom, directed by Ridley Scott
Kingdom Of Heaven Set a hundred years after the Christian armies seized Jerusalem, Kingdom Of Heaven opens in a dour, misty French hillside during the burial of a suicide. On the instruction of a priest (Sheen), the young woman's corpse is beheaded and he takes a moment to steal the silver cross from around her neck.

Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad
(1988) From the team that bought Airplane to the screen comes the original Naked Gun, with Leslie Nielsen as Lt Frank Drebin.Leslie Nielsen stars as incompetent cop Lt Frank Drebbin in this brilliantly funny, unremittingly dumb police comedy from the makers of Airplane!
Naked Gun There's not an ounce of good taste, subtlety or sly wit here - but that's what you'd expect and even hope for from a Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker creation. Every second of screen time is filled with slapstick, visual puns, one-liners, prat-falls and gob-smackingly dumb jokes.

Little Norse Prince
(1968) A young orphan defies a demon who's terrorising the people of ancient Scandinavia in this early animation feature from Isao Takahata.A young orphan defies a demon who's terrorising the people of ancient Scandinavia in this early feature from Isao Takahata, later of Studio Ghibli
Little Norse Prince Long before he founded Studio Ghibli with Hayao Miyazaki, and years before his masterpiece Grave Of The Fireflies (1988), Isao Takahata made his feature directing debut on this fantasy adventure for animation studio Toei. Miyazaki was working for Toei at the time, and was an animator on the film. Although the picture has dated and had a troubled production history, there's definite evidence of the hand of these two anime masters.