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Thread: read this please

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    read this please

    ;-O Hi everyone
    I did some stuped thing yesterday, i had matrix revulotion cam with MRV2.25 software ucas3.1 , and i updated firmware with my laptop and it was mrb300 and my cam was locked, because i wanted to go back to mrv225 but it was allways error.
    when i tried to opend so i used zcas2ucas file ,, and now my cam is ucas 3.2 :( befor was ucas3.1,, but when i sawit was just for matrix reborn

    and now nothing working i cant update the firmware any more :( its not updating with funcard either.

    can anyone help me pleaseeeeee

    if anyone want to contact me here is me email

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    Re: read this please

    CAS Interface and re-write xilinx.

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    Re: read this please

    Can I use Cas interface3 to re-write xilin ?? if yes how can i do it please with cas interface3

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