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Thread: How to set up new CD-key

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    How to set up new CD-key

    1- Menu -> installation - > parental lock :

    2- then you will see small yellow icon on screen . press yellow key on RCU .on new window select configuration and press ok .

    3- on the first line input the password initially it is 0000 . then select the second line (inout / modify cd key ) and press OK. you will see new window that on it you can enter new cd-key.

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    Lightbulb Re: How to set up new CD-key

    plz tell me why irdeto2 povider not add many provider not work replace it irdeto 2 because art &showtime is good pakage we want watch u add irdeto 2 provider we put daily keys plz do some thing irdeto 2

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    Re: How to set up new CD-key

    no way to do it according to software structure. use sharing system and you wil get rid of from daily key updating.this is permanent solution.

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