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Thread: Entering Keys

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    Entering Keys

    Can someone please tell us newbies how to enter keys onto a card.
    What software? Which keys?
    I presume you need to covert to a hex file?
    I have a phoenix and a fun card.

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    Re: Entering Keys


    first thing try to learn a little about sattv.

    What ever you do you have to spend money and you have to be wise how you spend it.

    What is your set up;
    During the last few years the best buy was the Dragon Cam you do not need a card you program the Cam and it opens all availible channels.
    Next it came the Diablo it opens many channels a little more than the Dragon
    the Diablo is a little temperamental on some receivers there are problems with the English sound on Astra 19.2 e it comes in 2 versions Diablo light and diablo wireless, with the light you need a programmer Cas 3 plus or Cas 2 plus with the wireless you need you need i thing the name is base manager it only programs the diablo wireless.

    If you go for the Diablo make sure it is version 2.3 not 2.2.
    Cas 3 plus programs any known Cams and cards.
    Keys and files and Stealths for the Diablo can be found on this forum and other forums.
    When you buy it is best to go to a good dealer with good suport.

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    Re: Entering Keys

    Thanks for your reply.
    I have had a satellite and cards etc for some time but never entered my own keys. I have a fun card 4,5 and 7, and a joker cam and aston cam ( does not seem any good anymore )
    I have ordered a cas 2.
    The problem I am having is the files do not seem to be so available anymore but there always seems new keys issued so I would like to load these myself rather than waiting for someone else to do it.

    any help on how to do this or find info on editing etc would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Entering Keys

    Hello nigel.

    The joker cam if you are lucky you may find something but not very much
    The aston cam it's not much use to use it you needs cards that cost a lot and opens very little.
    The Cas 2 you order is it Cas 2 plus; or with add on, if it is the old Cas 2 you need a add on to be able to program cards and if you go for a Diablo the old version can program the Diablo light bu there could be problems with entering new keys.

    If you go for the Dragon your fun 7 can be use as a loader card for programming the Dragon.

    Your best chance it is to start from the begining with a new Cam and programmer.

    Entering files and keys is very simble, when you sort out your system
    i could send you information how to do that.

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    Re: Entering Keys

    That would be great !!!!
    I do have a phoenix programmer.
    At the moment I have been getting tps,multivision,bbc prime and a few more.
    The problem as mentioned even these files seem few and far between but the keys seem everywhere.
    I wil look into some cams. Along with my cas2 I also ordered a matrix revolution cam.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Entering Keys

    Hello nigel

    If i was looking for a cam i would only go Dragon or Diablo, the Matrix revol, it can not be compared with the first 2.

    If wou want to follow the satellite scene it is wise to have the right cams and programmers, in the long run it will save you money and time.

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    Re: Entering Keys

    I have had a look at some. is a t rex the same as a dragon?
    do you know of a good supplier on the web?
    What cjannels can I get with a dragon Is tequilla possible? or canal plus?


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