Hello everybody,

I have an official card for the cable here (Zürich, Switzerland). They use Nagravision 1 as encryption system. My card works perfectly fine with the official decoder. I also have a TV (Sony KDL32D3000) with a CAM plug. I would like to only use the TV and not more the cable decoder. That the reason I bought a Matrix Revolution CAM and from here, the problems start...

I'm a newbee.

The MR CAM is weel recognized by the TV but when I insert the card in the CAM, the TV displays : "Your card is not valid for this conditional access system".

First question, MR CAM is Nagravision compatible, isn't it?

Should I update the MR CAM with any kind of stuff (firm, key or whatever)?

In the TV CAM menu, I can read the following information:


There're other options as well but I don't know what to do with?

Could you help me or give me some clues?

Thanks in advance,