DISH Sub Gains Sluggish in First Quarter

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing released late Monday, DISH Network reported that it netted 35,000 customers in the first quarter, for a total of 13.815 million.

In the filing, the DBS company stated that "this rate of growth was substantially lower than we have historically experienced on a quarterly basis."

The company attributed a number of factors to the slowing growth, including competition from fiber-based video services, the number of markets where competitors offer local HD channels, and their aggressive marketing of the differences between services. In addition, DISH said satellite launch delays have slowed the roll-out of local HD markets, "which in turn has delayed our own aggressive local HD marketing efforts."

Also, subscriber growth has been affected by worsening economic conditions, including the slowdown in new housing starts, the company stated in its filing.

As for financials, DISH said first quarter revenue climbed to $2.844 billion, and net income for the period jumped to 258 million, stated the filing.