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Thread: how do we enter keys

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    how do we enter keys

    what do we actually do with these keys. Please help !!
    Do we enter on a card ,cam ,receiver or what ??
    And how?

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    Re: how do we enter keys

    First what resiver you have,or card,or...?

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    Re: how do we enter keys

    I have a joker cam and fun card 5 and 7. I have a phoenix usb.
    I also have ordered a dragon cam and loader.
    I would like to put keys onto the card is this possible? I cannot find any straightforward answers. Is there some easy software for doing this. Any software I have found seems to lack one thing. INstructions. LOL!!!

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    Re: how do we enter keys

    Your programmer and your cards there is not much you can do with them.
    Please let me explain how it works, keys can be entered on some cards using the remote control, different keys for different cards, key bin are for Diablo, files are for programming cards, stealths are only for programming the Diablo.

    I try to explain to you on earlier posts if you buy a Dragon and Cas 3plus or Cas 2plus you do not need a loader card you use the dummy card, it can also program all known cams and cards.

    With the Phoenix you need a loader to be able to do any programming and you can not program any card only cards in to the Phoenix memory, with the Cas you need nothing everything is there for you.

    At the moment almost everything on the Dragon are AU, many channels on Astra 19.2 e Hotbird 13 e and Thor 1 w and others, you can enter keys on to the Dragon if need to with the remote.

    I hope this can be a little help for you.

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    Re: how do we enter keys

    hi m8 it would help if you had instructions for your programer.
    go to there website and see what you can find,usually a manual of some kind.

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    Re: how do we enter keys

    Thanks for your help.
    How do I enter the keys on the dragon with a remote or are you saying I should not need to as it is AU. Is there a manuel that will help ?
    The dragon came with the loader card and I have ordered the cas 2 but not sure what version it is.

    Thanks you very much for your advise.

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