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Thread: Xcam & Cas2+ Interface Error

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    Unhappy Xcam & Cas2+ Interface Error


    I am trying to load the latest bootloader on to my xcam (orion) with a Cas 2+ Interface but it keeps giving me a USB timeout error.

    I have tried to do this on both an XP machine and Vista machine, each time giving the same error.

    Is it possible to load new software in to the xcam with a Cas2+ Interface..?

    If so can somebody please list the procedure as I am surely doing something wrong.

    BTW My receiver is a Technomate 1500CI+ Super and I am paranoid I am going to kill this cam as this is the second one, the first I managed to kill writing the firmware to block 0 (bootloader) by mistake which I assume makes the cam totally dead, it does appear to be as not even showing up when put in receiver.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Re: Xcam & Cas2+ Interface Error

    Scusa se non rispondo in inglese.
    In passato ho avuto lo stesso problema che ho risolto programmando con PCMCIA. Ciao

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