TF1 revises forecasts downwards

TF1 Group forecasts for revenue in 2008 have been revised downwards and the group is now forecasting revenues will actually fall this year.
In 2008, TF1 now forecasts revenues down three per cent rather than the 2.4% growth the broadcaster was forecasting. This is the direct consequence of a first-quarter fall of 6.3% in revenues, mostly from adverstising, over the first three months of 2008, to reach €658.44 million. Ad revenues fell back 3.7 % to reach €440.1 million, and diversification revenues also decreased by 11% at €218.3 million.

TF1’s net result has then been affected and drastically fallen 20.5% to reach €70.4 million.

“The market is really confused about the new conditions for France Televisions,” TF1 said in reference to Nicolas Sarkozy’s ad ban plan for public service broadcasting.

Over the first three months, TF1 generated an historically low audience share of 27.8% among viewers aged 4+. However, the first network chose to highlight its good ratings results, boasting a 31.8% audience share over women under 50 and generating 47 out of the 50 best rated programmes over the first three months of the year.