ICTV becomes ActiveVideo Networks

May 18, 2008

Interactive television specialist ICTV has rebranded as ActiveVideo, a move the company says reflects the investment that has been made in the ActiveVideo name over the past two years.

The technology combines television content with web video, media and interactivity, based on standard web authoring and delivery techniques.

“Given the dramatic changes that the company has undergone as we’ve grown to serve more than one million households over the past few years, it’s important that our name accurately convey our vision of the future of TV,” said Gary Lauder, chairman of ActiveVideo Networks. “Our merger with Switched Media, our launch of the ActiveVideo brand, our creation of the ActiveMedia Group to develop programming and even our move to downtown San Jose have positioned ActiveVideo Networks to be a major contributor to a universe of unparalleled choice and control for television viewers.”

A recent sample analysis of data in a Tier 2 telco market in the United States showed more than 63% of ActiveVideo-enabled households had accessed content over the ActiveVideo.