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Addams Family Values
(1993) Barry Sonnenfeld brings the Addams Family back to the screen for this similarly excellent sequel.Barry Sonnenfeld brings the Addams Family back to the screen for this similarly excellent sequel. The perverse but loving Addams must contend with a gold-digger, in the form of Joan Cusack
Addams Family Values Sonnenfeld's screen version of Charles Addams' long-running comic-strip in 'The New Yorker', The Addams Family, was so successful that a sequel was inevitable.

A Bell for Adano
(1945) Drama starring John Hodiak as a tough US Army major who faces problems when he is put in charge of a small town in Sicily at the end of World War II.American Second World War drama starring John Hodiak as a major given the task of restoring order in a small Italian town, and getting involved with local girl Gene Tierney
After playing a lieutenant and a sergeant in his previous two films, John Hodiak achieved the rank of major for this late Second World War drama adapted from the 1945 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by veteran war correspondent John Hersey.

Radioland Murders
(1994) Two 1930s radio sitcom stars try to track down a string of murders that are going on as the radio play they are involved in is being broadcast in front of a live audienceIn 1939, the launch of a new US radio network is thrown into disarray as performers and station employees are killed in mysterious circumstances. Crime comedy starring Mary Stuart Masterson, Brian Benben, Michael Lerner and Ned Beatty, and directed by Mel Smith
radioland_murders In an age where DVDs, iPods and cinema multiplexes rule, it's hard to imagine that there was actually a time when the humble radio was the world's primary source of entertainment. While it may seem redundant to some, those with a fondness for the 'Golden Age of Radio' still find the heyday of radio as a nostalgic reminder of more innocent times.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again
(1976) The fifth in the long running Pink Panther series is a gloriously implausible romp, starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.The fifth in the long running Pink Panther series is a gloriously implausible romp, once again starring Sellers and Lom
The Pink Panther Strikes Again Having had one many too disastrous dealings with master detective (Sellers, on exquisite form), former Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Lom) has succumbed to stark raving madness. Recovering from his nervous breakdown, he decides to devote his life to annihilating Inspector Clouseau.

(2003) James Foley's slick thriller is told in flashback by Edward Burns who, with his team, pulls off a scam against accountant Leland Orser.Comedy thriller about con-men and grand theft, with a leading turn from Edward Burns and able support from Andy Garcia, Luis Guzmán and Dustin Hoffman
Rather appropriately for a film about robbery in its most elaborate forms, Confidence steals plenty from other movies about the ignoble art of grifting. But while it might ransack George Roy Hill's The Sting, it would be wrong to suggest that Confidence is simply a pastiche. On the contrary, this is an inventive film whose greatest delight isn't its homages but its ability to effortlessly entertain.

Apocalypse Now
(1979) Francis Ford Coppola's Oscar-nominated epic, the definitive examination of the American experience in the Vietnam War.Martin Sheen journeys through Vietnam and Cambodia to terminate flipped-out renegade US colonel Marlon Brando. But his mission becomes a screaming trip into madness, stunningly realised by Coppola's hallucinogenic direction and a cast dragged from Hollywood's Narcotics Anonymous
Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now is an epic hallucination of the Vietnam War, based on Conrad's 'Heart Of Darkness'. Sheen's addled American captain Willard journeys through the jungle on a special mission to terminate flipped-out renegade US colonel Kurtz (Brando), who is waging his own, unsanctioned war with an army of locals, oddballs and AWOLs in Cambodia. But his mission becomes a screaming trip into madness, paved by a cast dragged from Hollywood's Narcotics Anonymous. Hopper plays a photojournalist disciple of Kurtz, while Duvall plays Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, a surf-obsessed maniac who rains down fire on Vietnamese villages to a soundtrack of Wagner's 'Ride Of The Valkyries'.

Live Flesh
(1997) A bizarre love triangle involving a cop, a drug user and the son of a prostitute provide the setting for this gem from Pedro Almodovar.The lives of a small group of people are forever changed following a shooting. Mystery thriller starring Javier Bardem and Francesca Neri and written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Live Flesh Live Flesh represented something of a watershed for Pedro Almodóvar. For those who loved the Spaniard's frothy, flirtatious flights of fancy, this rather serious picture - adapted from the novel by Ruth Rendell - was something of a disappointment.