Tevez - Pressure on Blues

Argentine believes United have psychological edge

Carlos Tevez believes Manchester United have the psychological edge ahead of the UEFA Champions League final.

United came out on top in the Premier League title race and Tevez has warned Chelsea that they will once again have to settle for second place in Moscow on Wednesday.

Tevez thinks that United will play with confidence having already won a trophy this season, while Chelsea will feel the pressure.

The Argentine striker insists United's preparation for the game has been perfect, and that there is nothing to fear from Chelsea.

"We are a better side than Chelsea and that is a psychological problem for them," Tevez told The Sun.

"They may say that the Premier League is another story but we are convinced it will have an impact on what happens.

"We are favourites and everyone knows it. We are not worried by Chelsea.


"We are concentrated and focused. But for them it is different, this is more than a final for them.

"Their whole season rests on this game and I am convinced they could have some problems.

"They need to win to avoid a season without a trophy so the pressure on them will be huge. We have no extra pressure."

Chelsea kept their title hopes alive with a home victory over United last month but Tevez is confident there will be a different outcome in the first all-English Champions League final.

He urged: "Chelsea beat us in London and showed how good they can be. It left a bad taste and now is time to avenge that defeat."