Film Four & Film Four +1 20-05-08.

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A Man Called Peter
(1955) The life story of the late Peter Marshall, Protestant minister and chaplain of the US Senate, stars Richard Todd in the title role.The life and times of Peter Marshall, the Scottish boy who grew up to be Chaplain of the US Senate. Religious drama starring Richard Todd
It's a rare thing to spend time with a real hero. This being so, watching A Man Called Peter is something of a privilege since the audience can enjoy 119 minutes in the company of Richard Todd, the Irish-born, British-raised actor who served with distinction during the D-Day assault.

The Eve of St Mark
(1944) Engrossing World War 2 flag-waver centred on the training and combat experiences in the Pacific of a mid-western small-town farm boy.The horrors of horror are visited upon a small-town, all-American boy. War drama adapted from a hit stage play, and starring Vincent Price
Given that he is so readily associated with horror cinema, it's easy to forget that Vincent Price had a life outside of William Castle films and Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe adaptations.

This Happy Breed
(1944) Celia Johnson and Robert Newton star in the cinematic version of Noel Coward's story of a working class family in immediate post-war London.Coward's domestic saga is an engagingly unreal trot through early 20th-century British history, making whistle-stops at the 1920s jazz clubs, the General Strike, the Depression and the Second World War
It's a world in which the tight-jawed, cut-glass Johnson is offered as an archetype of British motherhood and Newton - usually cast as a roaring boy - the reassuring face of patriarchy. Mills represents the armed forces and Holloway the working classes.
A toff propagandist's England, of course. But once you've got over its peculiar patrician tones and bitty structure, there's much to enjoy - not least the changing frocks and haircuts and wallpapers.

Big Top Pee-Wee
(1988) In the sequel to Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Pee-wee Herman finds his peace and quiet interrupted by the arrival of a circus.Tim Burton bowed out of the follow-up to his startlingly good kidflick Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but even in this sequel Paul Reubens' tight-suited, bow-tied eccentric retains a dark edginess which stretches his appeal far beyond the under-tens. This time around, our hero becomes involved with a travelling circus which becomes caught in a storm around his home town; inviting them to stay at his farm, he is frowned upon by suspicious locals but turns the situation to his advantage by striking up a romance with one of the trapeze artists (Valeria Golino).. There are far worse sequels in the world than this.

Sleepy Hollow
(2000) Tim Burton's rollicking version of Washington Irving's tale stars Johnny Depp as Constable Ichabod Crane.Before the Planet Of The Apes debacle Tim Burton made this lively fairy tale horror, which was rich in homage to Hammer and Universal films of yesteryear
Sleepy Hollow A budding 19th-century police detective Constable Ichabod Crane (Depp) gets the chance to prove his newfangled forensic theories when he investigates a series of bizarre murders in the foggy backwater of Sleepy Hollow.

(1968) Lindsay Anderson's coruscating classic critique of British society, set in a private school where rebellious pupils take revenge.A surreal take on the darker side of British public school life, which involves a band of self-styled 'Crusaders' rebelling against the brutality of their institution. Launched Malcolm McDowell to stardom
Directed by Lindsay Anderson, a prime mover of British New Wave Cinema, from a scalding script by ex-public schoolboy David Sherwin, If.... proves to be something of a universal fantasy. An anarchic trio of disgruntled public schoolboys (McDowell, Wood and Warwick) - plus one girlfriend (Noonan) and a younger pupil (Webster) - rebel against their brutal establishment peers, before literally blasting their way through staff and sixth formers.

The Dreamers
(2003) Bernardo Bertolucci's mesmerising film concerns a naive American who befriends a sexually charged brother and sister.Set in Paris during the student uprisings of May 1968, Bernardo Bertolucci's mesmerising film concerns a naive American who befriends a sexually charged brother and sister and moves in with them for a month while their parents are away
After misfiring with films like the pompous Little Buddha, the languorous Stealing Beauty and the ill-advised Besieged, Bernardo Bertolucci is back on form with this cine-literate virtual three-hander adapted by esteemed critic and novelist Gilbert Adair from his 1988 work 'The Holy Innocents: A Romance'.