Satellite TV Does Well in ASCI Survey

Satellite TV fared well in the recent installment of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

DIRECTV was tops among pay-TV providers with a score of 68 in the index, a one point improvement from last year. DISH Network wasn't far behind, taking second with a score of 65. The average ASCI score for the cable and satellite TV business was 64.

DIRECTV boasted about its ASCI success.

"Our customer experience is extremely important to the success of our business and we are proud to continue our record of scoring higher in customer satisfaction than any other major cable TV company in the country," said Mike Palkovic, executive vice president of operations for DIRECTV.

The best performing cable companies were Cox Communications, with a score of 63 in the index, and Time Warner Cable, with a 59 rating.

Comcast dropped to a score of 54, sharing the basement with Charter communications, which also scored a 54 on the index.