Wenger refuses to change fashion

Gunners boss targets combination of style and success

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists his side will not abandon their penchant for stylish football because 'it is the best way to win'.

The Gunners earned the plaudits as their free-flowing form swept aside all comers in the first half of the 2007/08 campaign.

However, Arsenal ended the season empty handed as their promising tilts towards glory in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League ultimately proved unsuccessful.

It has been suggested that Wenger's side should place success above style, but the French manager insists both can be achieved at Emirates Stadium.

"We play like that because we feel it is the best way to win. It is the most suitable way for us to play with our players," Wenger said.


"If I asked our defenders to just kick the ball forwards, it would not work.

"To play with the ball the way we do is the best way to be efficient with the players we have.

"There are only four teams in Europe who have qualified for the Champions League every year in the last 10 years and we are among those four. That means we have shown remarkable consistency.

"What we want to be again is the best in this country and the best in Europe. I am convinced we are very, very close.

"That is why my purpose is to keep the team together and show I was right next year."

Fabregas stay

Wenger is also optimistic that midfielder Cesc Fabregas will refrain from following the lead of Mathieu Flamini, who has left the Gunners for Milan.

"I believe a midfielder's best years are usually between 24 and 30 and Cesc is four or five years ahead of a normal player at the moment, that tells you how far he can go," Wenger added.

"So long as he does not suffer any major injuries, he could certainly be the best midfielder in the world.

"He gets you in touch with the true beauty of football and the deep aspects of the game."