Film Four & Film Four +1 21-05-08.

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1.00pm A Man Called Peter (U) 1955 Fact-based drama charting the life of renowned priest and author Peter Marshall. As a young man, he dreams of going to sea, but finds himself taking on an entirely different calling as a minister. Later in life, he travels to America, ultimately rising to the esteemed position of chaplain of the US Senate. Richard Todd takes the lead role, while Jean Peters is the pastor's loyal and supportive wife (888)

3.25pm The Eve of St Mark (PG) 1944 A man's romance is brought to an abrupt halt when he's drafted to fight in World War Two. Assigned to the Philippines, he ends up stranded on a small and desolate island — but letters from his love back home give him the will to survive. Drama, starring William Eythe and Anne Baxter, alongside Michael O'Shea and Vincent Price (888)

5.15pm This Happy Breed (U) 1944 Stunning drama chronicling the domestic life of a working-class London family between the wars, providing a fascinating insight into the realities of the era. Robert Newton, Celia Johnson, Stanley Holloway and John Mills are among the cast. Scripted by Noel Coward, based on his popular play of the same name, and directed by David Lean (888)

7.25pm Big Top Pee-Wee (PG) 1988 A struggling circus blows into town in the middle of a storm, and lands on a farm owned by the childlike Pee-Wee Herman, who generously allows the performers to stage a show on his property. Cult American comedy with a distinctly odd feel, starring Paul Reubens, Kris Kristofferson, Valeria Golino and Penelope Ann Miller

9.00pm Sleepy Hollow (15) 1999 Tim Burton's stylish take on Washington Irving's classic tale, about a headless horseman terrorising a quiet village community, starring Johnny Depp as sceptical investigating officer Ichabod Crane. His arrival is greeted with suspicion and it's not long before his presence causes ructions — not least when he shows more than just a professional interest in the daughter of a local elder. Eerily atmospheric chiller, with Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson and Michael Gambon (888)

11.00pm If (15) 1968 Malcolm McDowell stars as the ringleader of a group of pupils at a boys' public school, whose rising discontent at society escalates into open rebellion and violence. Lindsay Anderson's surreal drama combines a keen eye for the absurdities of boarding school life with scathing satire on the British class system. David Wood, Richard Warwick, Arthur Lowe and Graham Crowden also star. Anderson and McDowell would bring back iconoclastic hero Mick Travis for two subsequent movies, O Lucky Man! and Britannia Hospital

1.10am The Dreamers (18) 2003 Bernardo Bertolucci's sizzling erotic drama following an American student in 1960s Paris, as he strikes up a close bond with a French brother and sister and the three of them throw themselves wholeheartedly into the “free love” philosophy. But the ensuing romantic complications lead to trouble, while the city around them is ultimately plunged into the historic riots of 1968. Michael Pitt, Eva Green and Louis Garrel star (888)

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