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Thread: no picture on dragon cam

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    no picture on dragon cam

    I have just got a t.rex cam ( dragon cam) I have added the software. It shows as loaded and all the codes are listed. Why does it not uncode anything ? Am I doing something wrong. It seems to get bbc prime and thats it My old funcard gets more than that!!
    Please help

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    Re: no picture on dragon cam

    The Dragon cam Trex it is the best cam i have see in 17 years
    how to you program the Dragon do you use Cas or programmer;
    The best way to program the Cam is with Cas you can use a programmer to program the card and then load the card on to the dragon.

    Make sure you have the latest update files

    It opens many channels on Astra 1 Prem-- and others many on hot Bird and over 100 channels of Digittv on Thor many in English and some on Hispasat.

    It seems you use old files for your programming, some times if it does not work program it again

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    Re: no picture on dragon cam

    Thanks seadiver
    I have programmed the loader card and then the cam. all files( codes) are listed when i go into the cam on the receiver but no pictures .
    I do not understand. I loaded todays version of predator 3.66 and also tried pegasaures ??? but with this one when I went into the cam on the receiver it said cam empty.
    I have a tv with satellite built in and a receiver and get the same result from both.
    fed up . LOL !!!

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    Re: no picture on dragon cam

    hi, you can only use pred files in the dragon cam.after progging cam with loader card, turn off receiver,remove cam, turn on receiver,insert cam.the cam will initialise and all decoded channels should be clear.

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    Re: no picture on dragon cam


    Lets see if we can sort your problem out.

    Lets say you program the card correctly.
    Make sure you are on a free to air channel, remove any cams and cards from the receiver.
    TURN POWER OFF,insert loader card in to the Dragon cam and insert the cam in to the receiver and POWER ON, go to cam menu of your receiver and click on Dragon, you wiil be asked if want to update module say YES.
    It takes about 5-15 minutes for thr cam to be programmed, if you wish during the loading prosess press refresh if you want to see the programming percentage of your cam.

    When done it will tell you, remove cam and loader card and turn POWER OFF, REMOVE LOADER CARD FROM THE CAM, INSERT CAM IN TO RECEIVER and put power on, your done.

    If you are using a phoenix programmer you must set it on 6.0 mhz mode if you use a lower mode it will ruin your card.

    If you program the cam with cas you do not need the above, once is program insert cam in the receiver and is ready.

    Good luck if you need any more help please let me know.

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