Trulli - We've slipped back

Toyata driver says team are now behind Red Bull and Renault

Jarno Trulli believes Red Bull and Renault are now ahead of Toyota in the pecking order.

Toyota started the season well with Trulli finishing fourth and sixth in Malaysia and Bahrain.

However, Red Bull's Mark Webber and Renault's Fernando Alonso have scored more points than Trulli in the last two races in Spain and Turkey.

The Italian admits Toyota are battling to keep up with their midfield competitors.

"It's getting more and more difficult, because it looks like Red Bull and Renault have made a big step forward," he told Speed TV.

"While during the first three races we were ahead, now we're probably slightly behind.

"They are one or two tenths quicker, where before they were one or two tenths slower. So it just shows how tight is this midfield, and how important is the work the team does to develop the car.

"I'm trying my best. I don't want to qualify on the first row like Fernando [Alonso] did in Spain, and finish behind us like he was going to do. It wasn't cheating, but it was a different interpretation of strategy.

"We need to build a quicker car in order to fight with the same fuel as the rest of the field in the front."