Film Four & Film Four +1 22-05-08.

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(1947) Classic noir thriller. Dana Andrews is a New England State Attorney who determines to prove vagrant Arthur Kennedy innocent of murder.When a Bridgeport priest is found murdered, suspicion quickly falls on down-and-out Kennedy. As he is the only suspect, it seems likely that he will have to pay for the crime, guilty or not, as the locals need a culprit to lay their fears to rest. Step in Andrews, the State Attorney, who is determined that justice will be done no matter what public opinion dictates. Based on an actual case and shot in impressive semi-documentary style by Kazan, Boomerang raises a complex issue without falling for the temptation to offer easy solutions. The performances, especially by Andrews, are spot on.

Seance on A Wet Afternoon
(1964) Myra Savage is a fake clairvoyant who, with her weak-willed husband, kidnaps the child of a rich financier.British 1960s drama about a psychic who concocts a plan to kidnap a child with the intention of achieving fame. Kim Stanley stars with Richard Attenborough as her meek husband
Seance On A Wet Afternoon Attenborough is always at his best when playing a pop-eyed sleazebag; his acting has a lightness and enthusiasm that belies the flatulent overproduction of his directorial work. This is one of his best.

The Hunters
(1958) Dick Powell's adventure drama is set during the Korean conflict. Commendably brisk, with the tough action mellowed by romance.Robert Wagner plays Maverick to Robert Mitchum's Iceman in this 1950s air-force action drama set in the swelter of the Korean War
If you're a plane spotter with military leanings, you're in for a treat. The fighter aircraft on show in The Hunter's brilliantly choreographed action sequences are liable to get you sweatier than a winter anorak on a spring day. For those who don't know their F-84Fs from their F-86s, the picture also sports a spicy little drama running beneath the dogfights to keep you hooked.

Doctor at Large
(1957) Classic British comedy, with Dirk Bogarde as the hapless young doctor trying to find his way in the medical profession.Dirk Bogarde, Donald Sinden and James Robertson Justice star in this 1957 entry in the medical comedy series
Doctor At Large was the third of the 'Doctor' films, the first of which, Doctor In The House, had been a huge hit in 1954. Based on the novels of real-life practitioner Richard Gordon, the series follows the adventures of Dr Simon Sparrow (Bogarde), a dashing doctor who often finds himself entangled in bizarre comical situations.

(2005) Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini lives on Venice Beach, works as a temp and is lucky enough to be engaged to the handsome Dr Kevin Fields.Jane Fonda returns to the big screen after a 15 year break for this romantic comedy about a controlling mother-in-law trying to alienate her son's girlfriend, played by Jennifer Lopez
Monster-In-Law At the beginning of Monster-In-Law, Jane Fonda's freshly-fired news anchorwoman Viola berates a young blonde interviewee for being "insipid" - an adjective that starts to become increasingly appropriate for the film itself. While showing initial signs of intelligence (she also scolds the girl for not being politically aware), Fonda's character shifts into cartoon dragon mould, acting nonsensically for supposed comic effect.

Exterminating Angels
(2006) A filmmaker pushes the boundaries of his craft by auditioning women for a film on the subject of female arousal.

Velvet Goldmine
(1997) An evocation of the heady days of glam rock starring Christian Bale as an American journalist.This glitzed-up trawl through the seedy depths of glam flicks a feather boa in the face of restraint and decency. It rocks like your mother
A brazenly ambitious whirl through the music scene of the 70s, borrowing from the lives of its omnisexual icons to create a film completely in tune with the energising epoch that was Glam.