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Thread: Saving Channel List and Settings!

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    Saving Channel List and Settings!

    Hello I have Starsat 4200 D Super with firmware 19/05/2008, However when I got to Menu--Channel-Save channel list and settings, it gives me: "SAVING FAILED! TOO MANY CHANNELS"

    Any ideas how to solve this???

    Also I don't see the starsat logo during boot!

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    Re: Saving Channel List and Settings!

    I have a big problem on Starsat 4200 D SUPER ALI C series.

    when I download the latest firmware 19/5/2008 I get these errors:

    Please power on your STB.
    Open Serial Port..
    Sync to serial port..
    Send Address..
    Move Chunk:bootloader
    Download Chunk:maincodeC
    ->Warning:download packet:47 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:76 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:110 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:136 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:146 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:173 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:195 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:254 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:312 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:334 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:396 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:428 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:465 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:496 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:524 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:582 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:609 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:633 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:660 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:729 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:759 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:779 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:791 Error! Retry.OK
    ->Warning:download packet:810 Error! Retry.OK
    Download Chunk:CAS_data
    ->Warning:download packet:9 Error! Retry.
    Move Chunk:userdb
    Burn Flash, DO NOT power off!

    And it give UPGRADE SUCCESS

    However after it finishes and boot the reciever I get no Starsat bootlogo and when when I GOTO Menu and type 2020 nothing happens.. And when I goto Menu--Channel--SAVE CHANNELS AND SETTINGS. It give me SAVING FAILED! TOO MANY CHANNELS.

    Any ideas what do I do?

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