NDS to escape DISH legal bill?

Conditional access giant NDS last week “lost” its Court battle with Echostar, but clearly won in the court of public opinion, with just a $1000 penalty and $45 in damages. At the time it was widely reported that NDS would have to pay Echostar’s – probably considerable – legal costs. “Not so,” implies NDS.
The actual Judge’s ruling, as always in these cases, has yet to make it into print, so everyone is waiting for that in order to have absolute clarity, but NDS’ opinion is that as well as being exonerated by the Court, they will escape having to pay Echostar’s costs.

A statement from a senior NDS source, exclusively to Rapid TV News, said: "There has been no order by the court for NDS to pay plaintiffs' legal fees. To say that NDS has been ordered to do so is incorrect. We do not think NDS is responsible for any of their legal fees. In fact, they may even be required to pay ours."

If correct then this must be the icing on the cake for what has been a very happy outcome for NDS.