France: three options for ad cut plan

The Copé Commission has laid out three options to help French public broadcasters if the government goes ahead with the advertising ban it plans.

One option would see homes pay, rather than requiring public broadcasters’ commercial competitors to help out. Under this scenario, licence fees, static since 2002, would be increased and indexed to inflation.

The other two options would require competitors and industry to help fund the changes. Those suggestions are to introduce a 0.5% revenue tax on telcos and internet service providers, and to tax consumer electronics products.

cop.jpgThe government needs to find some €800 million to fund public broadcasters if the move goes ahead. A mix of all three options could be the way forward, Commission chair Jean-Francois Copé (pictured, left), France’s budget minister, said.

The proposals will be consulted on before a final report is sent to the government on June 25.