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Thread: DVB Codec Pack?

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    DVB Codec Pack?

    Hi everyone,

    So far things are looking great. Although I have been wondering about the codecs. Currently I use Cyberlink with DVB Dream and it is alright, occasional hickups, but at least it works. Although usually I have to install Cyberlink and other bloatware to accomodate and get other codecs. So I was wandering if anyone had some codecs or a codec pack with Intervideo, Sonic, nVidia, etc... Something that I can install ONCE and forget about it. Rather than download all of the softwares when not needed.

    I use to have a pack described above, but I accidentally deleted it a while ago. It was older, but it worked perfectly. And thus could not find it yet again. Now I also use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, but that pack does not register the MPEG 2 codecs properly in DVB Dream, so I am limited to Cyberlink PowerDVD.

    If anyone has anything please post.

    Oh and does anyone know if Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 registers properly with DVB Dream. PowerDVD 7 works like a charm, but I can not get PowerDVD 8 working.

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    Re: DVB Codec Pack?

    same problem to me...

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