TVB Hong Kong expands HDTV offer

TVB Hong Kong is boosting its HDTV signals by 50% this June. It will add two extra HD channels, and new transmitters will reach 75% of Hong Kong residents.
“TVB will launch extensive on-air promos, coverage in programmes, TVB Weekly, and roadshows to boost digital viewership, and offer trial advertising packages for advertisers on HD Jade and J2,” said Jordan Lau, head of strategic development at TVB, Hong Kong’s most-watched network.

The on-screen activity, however, is almost matched by off-screen action over a possible change in ownership of Television Broadcasts Ltd, say local reports.

runrun.jpg Legendary broadcasting and film mogul Sir Run Run Shaw is reportedly looking to sell his stake in TVB, and various bidders are emerging for his stock. At 100 years-of-age Run Run Shaw owns 75% of Shaw Brothers, which in turn owns 25% of TVB. TVB was established in 1967 and quickly gained a reputation as a powerhouse creative centre.

A formal statement last week from Country Garden Holdings, one of the rumoured bidders, said the company would not discuss any share acquisition, and declined to state whether its chairman Yeung Kwok-keung would be making any sort of move on TVB.