Grant hails Blues 'experience'

Grant thankful for support

Sacked Chelsea coach Avram Grant thanked Israeli well-wishers for their support during his time at the club and in England

Grant returned home to his native Israel on Sunday after being axed by Chelsea on Saturday.

The former Israel national team boss was sacked as Chelsea boss after just eight months in charge at Stamford Bridge.

Grant says he enjoyed his experience in England despite losing his job at Chelsea.

Speaking in Hebrew to a large pack of reporters waiting for him at Ben Gurion airport upon his return, Grant said: "I had a great experience during the past year and two years as a whole (in England) and I very much want to thank all the people in Israel.

"I embarked on this journey as a private person but I felt that I travelled together with all the Israelis who were with me, the thousands who were at the all those who sent me letters and thrilled me more than anything else on this journey and I want to apologise to all those to

whom I did not reply."

Grant uttered only one sentence in English saying: "It was a great experience, great time and now I need to go to my family."