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Thread: SR-X230USB does not boot !

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    SR-X230USB does not boot !

    it just happend wenn i pressed the power-off key on the receiver.

    The device showed four horizontal lines like --:-- like it could not

    determine the correct time and showed back the channel number.

    This on & off behaviour took long. I had to switch off the device

    using the black power key on the back of the device when I turned

    that switch back on it only displayed 'boot' nothing happend.

    As I assume there is something wrong with the boot block.

    but I am not sure what. I dont even know why this happend.

    Can anybody help ?

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    Re: SR-X230USB does not boot !

    I have the same problem. Mine flashing boot twice, and display a 'b' and hangs.

    Anybody knows why sr-x230usb is not on their website, anymore?
    Was it replaced by another receiver or something?

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