TiVo Talks DISH Litigation

In a Wednesday conference call with analysts, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said the company remains content with recent court victories over DISH Network, in which the DVR company claimed that the DBS powerhouse infringed on its intellectual property.

In the case, a U.S. Appeals Court upheld a U.S. District Court ruling that DISH had infringed on a TiVo patent. Recently, that same appeals court denied DISH's petition for a rehearing.

Rogers said TiVo has informed the federal District Court handling the case that, based on information provided by EchoStar, "we believe that EchoStar's modified software does not avoid infringement." He added that TiVo is looking forward to "final resolution in the near-future and to realizing the full value of our intellectual property."

Company executives declined to comment as to whether TiVo would talk with DISH about a settlement.

As for other efforts, Rogers said TiVo is working with cable interests to ensure that DVR customers continue to receive programming on systems utilizing switched digital video technology. Also, TiVo re-introduced lifetime subscriptions for new users.