33% of Spaniards have DTT

A third of Spaniards now receive DTT signals, although 60% of homes have been adapted to receive the technology. The gap comes because the rest of the homes are yet to buy a DTT receiver.
According to Impulsa TDT, Spain's association for the promotion of the new television, 100% DTT coverage won't be reached until analogue switch off, set for April 2010.

eladio_gutierrez.jpg Eladio Gutiérrez, Impulsa TDT's president (pictured, left), said: "Just before total digitalization there will be 15% of population still not having DTT."

But this figure is below those of other European countries where digitalization has already begun. So Gutiérrez is optimistic in comparison to other communication systems without total coverage, for example PC penetration in Spanish homes which reaches 60% but with only 40% having an internet connection.

The 15% of off-DTT coverage "won't be a problem for Spain" according to Gutiérrez since in a few days or weeks those interested in DTT will be able to access a DTT receiver he said.

At the moment a total of 10 million DTT receivers have been sold in Spain.

As for DTT share this reaches 14% meaning "the habit of having more than a remote control hasn't been broken yet and in the homes with DTT national conventional channels are accessed through analogue television and thematic channels on DTT," he added. "We need all of the channels accessed through DTT," he concluded.