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Thread: Keys without smart card

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    Keys without smart card

    My first question is: Can I possibly use keys to unlock channels even without inserting a smart card?

    Second Question: If yes, could someone help with latest keys to unlock channels encrypted with Iderto (DStv South Africa). Satellites are PAS 7, Intelsat 4 ku, Intelsat 8c.

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    Re: Keys without smart card

    Q: Is it ~possible~?!?
    A: Yes!!

    A2: (A somewhat more long-winded explanation)...

    Yes you can use "SoftCam.Key(s)" to open up "Packages" from Cable and or Satellite for ~cough~ experimental purposes ~cough~. The "Trick" here is to have a Reciver that's capable to utilize such tools, most if not all recivers are not capable out of the Box and must fist be "hacked" in order to open this functionality up. your best bet is to check out the STB Section (on this Site) and see if you "Reciver" is listed among those which in fact can be hacked in the first place.

    Assuming that you don't have a hackable STB, the ~other option~ would be to get a CAM (Common Access Module), but your STB would have to have a CI Slot (Common Interface), in order to take it. A CAM is kinda like an older Card that you'd use on a Laptop. Some of the ~better CaAM's~ would be the Dragon/T-Rex Supermodule 4.6, the Diablo Wireless or lite (rev2.3), or the Giga CAM. as some examples. These "CAM's" should be able to read the Original MOSC (i.e. Subscriber Card), or run the emulation needed to open a given "Package".

    As for your last Qusetion, I really don't know, my best advice would be to look at some SoftCam.Key(s), there in standard .txt File Format so you shouldn't have many problems in just reading it.

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    Re: Keys without smart card

    Thank you

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