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Thread: G@mmacard is not working -Nov@-

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    G@mmacard is not working -Nov@-

    Hello to all.

    3 months ago i got my card.We program it with an old gam file (01092007) with SmartBee programmer.The card worked fine on a friends Humax5400 and on mine StarSat3500 cu-ci Super.
    I did not use the card till 4 days ago that i installed my system.

    When i installed the card, the system recognizes it correctly but the channels are not opening....

    I reprogrammed the card with the old gam but still the same.I program it with the latest gam (07052008) and it worked ok on both Humax and StarSat.But after 2 days it stopped working again....

    I have reprogram it with every available gam file but still the same.....

    Any ideas?

    thanks in advance,


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    Re: G@mmacard is not working -Nov@-

    TRY 8-10-2007 file not open all only C* and ENG channels

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