Hi M8s
A firmware with ability to open BISS encrypted channels has been recently released for Axil-TBoston-Bigsat and clones.
But I want to know how we can enter BISS keys into it.
I found that in Code Edit section of the menu, we must first hit the EPG key on remote(RCU) to enter into BISS page.
Then in that page, BISS data for each channel is devided into two sections (or better to say , two indecies) 00 and 01.
In index 00 , we should enter the 8-word BISS key (Eight 2-digit HEX numbers)
In index 01 , it is : ab cd ef gh 00 01 00 00
"ab cd" is the SID of the channel.
Last four 2-digit HEX numbers are always "00 01 00 00"
But what about "ef gh" ? what is it ?
Can someone help?