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Thread: HELP - Strong 6155 doesn't like patch

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    Angry HELP - Strong 6155 doesn't like patch


    Just got a STR 6155 and tried to upload the patch. Bootloader and application loader are fine, but when I try to upload the patch .bin file the patchloader comes up with error "Unable to upload patch". And that's it.

    I did factory reset and started all over. I tried to use some DSR6000 patches, several other valid bin containers, but always with the same result.

    Firmware and application loader went through flawlessly. I also tried to do it from Win2K and a Win98 system as well as tried two COM ports - no go . Even tried different patch loader versions (1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.8.0).

    The descriptions on how to do it are pretty clear I guess and the procedure is the same as for the firmware and application loader. I did the whole thing now about 5 times, mixing up several files and starting from scratch. The latest one I tried was Trinity's (thank you!!) package.

    Does anyone have an idea, what could cause the trouble?

    The STR 6155 has a ...0194A module, should that be important.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: HELP - Strong 6155 doesn't like patch

    Also need the same for SRT 4622x desperately.

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