MTV heavily hit by Ofcom fine

UK media regulator Ofcom has fined MTV for persistently transmitting bad language. The £255,000 ($498,000) fine is one of the heaviest ever levied by Ofcom, and comes amidst an adjudication by Ofcom that MTV has repeatedly been warned about how it shows its video clips.
The fine covers assorted transmissions across a number of MTV-linked channels, and reflects complaints from viewers about the use of four-letter words prior to the 9pm “watershed” when younger children are deemed to be viewing.

Worse, as far as Ofcom is concerned, is that MTV Networks has a “very poor record of compliance” in regards to the UK’s broadcasting code. At least one of the specified channels is MTV France, which is licensed and broadcast from Britain. MTV, in a statement, said it took the fine “very seriously” and would be taking steps to minimise the risk of further breaches.

Ofcom warned that further breaches by MTV could result in further sanctions, and any such breaches would be treated with the utmost seriousness.