Portuguese pay-TV operator ZON TV Cabo (formerly TV Cabo) will soon offer video-on-demand and high definition services, hoping to counteract its nearest competitor IPTV and satellite platform operator Meo, which is strong on new services.

ZON TV Cabo plans to launch both services on its cable and satellite offerings so its 1.5 million subscribers can access them as soon as possible.

Luís Lopes, ZON Multimèdia's marketing manager (ZON TV Cabo's owner) also said the operator has started offering a new decoder with a hard disk capacity of 250 GB which at the same time will be HDTV compatible. The new decoder will allow recording for up to 200 hours.

The VOD service will be based on producer Lusomondo's archives, which also belongs to ZON Multimèdia.

ZON TV Cabo added 13,400 subscribers in Q1 this year, to over 1.5 million subscribers. The operator occupies 80% of the Portugese pay-TV market.