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Thread: Problema emtech pvr 300

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    Problema emtech pvr 300

    salve ho questo decoder con il firmware per condor 13.09 caricato...quando mi posiziono sui canali di tps il decoder si blocca e si riavvia sempre...succede solo a me oppure un problema generale?


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    Re: Problem emtech pvr 300 with condor 13.09

    salutes I have this decoder with the firmware for condor 13.09 loaded...when I position me on the channels of tps the decoder it jams and it is always happens to me only or is it a general problem?


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    Re: Problema emtech pvr 300

    This problem happens to me too. The receiver hangs. The best thing to do in this situation is to unplug the caple from the back of the reciver till you can change to another open channel.

    The problem of frozening to your receiver happens if you change your channels quickly.You have to leave the receiver till it gives you the messesge ( No signal is avilable) this means the receiver tried to open TPS and could. so it is safe not to change to another channel.

    The problem happens because this pacth 13.09 is not the roiginal one.It tries to open some closed channels like TPS forcefully. This is the side effects of the patches not the original software

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    Re: Problema emtech pvr 300

    I have resolved changing softcam there are too keys for tps and the ricevittore him reset

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