Brown backs 2018 World Cup bid

Prime Minister feels it is the right time for England to be hosts again

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is convinced there is a lot of support for England to stage the 2018 World Cup.

The Football Association are keen to put together a bid to host the tournament for the second time and will be backed by the government.

Brown is firmly behind the FA's plan and believes staging the World Cup would be of great benefit to the entire country.

"It's a great idea," Brown told Sky Sports News. "It would be great for football, great for sport and great for our country.

Increasing support

"We published a study showing all the benefits that would come. It would go to every region because you would have some of the World Cup matches in all the different parts of the country, so it has great benefits right across the country.

"I believe, even more so than when we started this project, that it would be great to get the World Cup here.

"I think we've got a lot of support. I think it's the right time as it will have been 52 years when 2018 comes around.

"I think there's increasing support around the world that the home of football should have the World Cup soon, and that should be 2018, which is the first time which we can now have it."