Silverstone a sell-out

British race fans flock to see Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 8.

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 8 has been confirmed as a 90,000 sell-out on race day.

With extra seating in place at the Northamptonshire circuit the capacity has increased from last year's 85,000 that watched Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen come home in front.

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips is delighted with the response of fans, with the sell-out being the earliest he can remember.

"The support for this year's race has been exceptional," said Phillips.

"This is the earliest I can remember us selling out of race day tickets.

"The British fans are some of the most loyal and knowledgeable fans in the world and we are delighted they have shown such overwhelming support for the event.

"A sell-out crowd is exactly what Silverstone, Formula One, the drivers and, more importantly, the fans deserve.

"This clearly highlights the popularity and importance of the British Grand Prix."

Some tickets are still available for Saturday's qualifying session, and a repeat of last year will thrill the bumper home crowd.

Lewis challenge

Lewis Hamilton set Silverstone into dreamland when he placed his McLaren on pole position for the race, although he could not complete the win on race day.

Hamilton again leads the championship, only by three points this time going into Sunday's race in Canada, and he can remember the buzz around his qualifying at Silverstone.

"I could feel it - I was thinking 'this is going to be the lap'," said Hamilton.

"I came across the line and remember the guys came on the radio and said, 'pole position', and I could see the fans jumping and waving their flags.

"It's different to when you're in another country where you might see one or two flags, but you had the British flag everywhere and I knew, 'yeah, this is where we're supposed to be'.

"It is very, very exciting. Generally the driver only has one or two laps to really nail it and put the car on pole.

"Obviously we did that last year, and I'll be gunning for it this year."