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Thread: Probs getting TPS on DM600

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    Question Probs getting TPS on DM600

    Hello everyone,

    I just bought a brand new 600 box, and I'm trying to get TPS working on it but no channel clear at all.

    I already tryed Gemini and Nemesis images, both with MGcamd 130a and CCcam 2.0.9. I also installed the daily keys, moved to France 5, but nothing clear.

    What is stranged is that I have the german première channels and some italians one, so it seems to work fine.

    Can you help me solving that issue ?

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    Lightbulb Re: Probs getting TPS on DM600

    Use mgcamd 1.30d , altough it s very buggy , works on tps.

    Bugs found:

    1.drops camd socket after 1 hour on any csat/tps channel. Just need to restart the cam.
    2.crashes enigma on D+ package (dm7000) keeps trying to find RSA keys if you remove and keeps trying to AU, even with ignore old caids.

    But works on TPS ;)


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