DISH Also Fights Additional Carriage Rules

It may come as no surprise that DISH Network also voiced its opposition to dual carriage proposals for satellite TV.

In a filing released to the Federal Communications Commission this week, the No. 2 small dish provider argued that there is no factual or legal basis to expand DBS digital carriage rules to require the delivery of additional feeds of individual broadcast stations. DISH's comments mirrored DIRECTV's take on a dual-carriage obligation for satellite TV, which would apply the carry-one, carry-all rule for the delivery of both HD and standard definition local TV signals.

The FCC has asked for comments on the matter.

And the FCC inquiry into a dual-carriage provision came after the agency earlier this year adopted rules that require satellite TV services to carry all local high-def signals in the markets they serve with local HD broadcasts. The regulations offer some flexibility, allowing DBS services to implement a HD carry-one, carry-all effort within four years after the nation's transition to digital TV.

In its comments on dual carriage, DISH said DBS providers "need the flexibility to compete with cable companies, manage their own capacity, and meet the substantial HD carriage obligation already imposed by the commission." And the company said, "further government regulation mandating how scarce bandwidth is allocated harms the public interest."