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Thread: TM150x Ultra Problem

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    TM150x Ultra Problem

    I have TM150x ultra
    When i power on i have only the boot message and after nothing??
    I have this situation after i transfer " truman_5119_house_emu_128_2.4.37.dld" file.
    Could help please

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    Re: TM150x Ultra Problem

    Dear this type of problem i had also faced few days back, when i tried to installed the truman software house emu. then same problem i faced. after 4 hour i tried globo cool emu 36. happily it was solved the problem and my stb live again. so you plz try download software from truman web site globo cool emu 36 or 37 or same original software truman house 37. this will solve hopefully your problem. but this is your own risk. anyhow my stb back on same situtation


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