It’s not looking good for Thierry Henry at the moment.

According to l’Equipe, he’s at least as iffy as he was on Thursday and probably moreso. All Domenech would say was that Henry took “des coups” against Colombia on Tuesday, and there’s a fair chance he may not be able to play on Monday. (Okay, so technically, Domenech didn’t say that. Domenech would never say that. I’m just inferring.)

If that happens, we’re probably looking at a starting duo of Anelka-Benzema. I’d be okay with this, except that they seem to bring the same skills to the table. I think I’d really rather see Gomis with either of them, just to shake things up in attack a bit and up the chance of scoring.

And just in case you didn’t think we had enough bad news, Samir Nasri isn’t feeling too great either. One of the English papers says he’s suffering from a cold. Cross our fingers that he’ll get better quickly. Because this is starting to get scary.

L’Equipe is listing this as a possible starting lineup: Coupet - Sagnol, Thuram, Gallas, Abidal - Ribéry, Toulalan, Makelele, Malouda - Anelka (ou Henry), Benzema.

I could live with this. Assuming everybody is 100%.