DIRECTV Enhances IP-Based MDU Platform

DIRECTV's MDU triple-play solution just got a big upgrade.

The MFH3 (Multi-Family Housing version 3) satellite-based distribution platform developed by DIRECTV and Thomson is being rolled out with a new software release that doubles the number of DIRECTV receivers the technology will support. The effort also allows for a more cost-effective installation for large properties and enables injection of local content, DIRECTV said.

MFH3 enables the delivery of DIRECTV programming and services using existing in-building wiring by converting DBS signals into IP video. The system, not to be confused with IPTV, uses the technology as a distribution platform to deliver content via a single home-run wire from a private "on-property" headend to each customer dwelling.

In addition to supporting both DIRECTV standard and HD DVR receivers, the IP distribution platform will deliver voice, internet and interactive services over a single connection, enabling the delivery of triple-play bundles.